Useful Resources to Make Your Life Easier

Thoughtful Parenting Kit

This kit is for all people who have caring roles with children. At the end of each chapter, there are questions that can be used to generate discussion about the experiences of parenting. (By Australian Childhood Foundation)

Mindful Parenting Book

The Mindful Parenting Book offers parents strategies to do things with their child without having their attention drawn away from what is happening between the two of them right then and there.. (By Australian Childhood Foundation)

Connected Parenting

The Connected Parenting Book explores a number of important topics about being a parent or carer. It encourages parents/carers to think about the role of parenting in modern times and how they can provide children with experiences that are attuned, supportive and mindful. (By Australian Childhood Foundation)

I Need You - Baby Book

I Need You…. invites parents to see the world from a baby’s point of view. It encourage them to think about their relationship with their baby and all the amazing ways that they support babies to grow and develop. (By Australian Childhood Foundation)

I Need You - A to Z Poster

This cute poster reflects the words of babies if they could say things for themselves. It is written simply as an A-Z of ways in which babies need our love, care and support as they grow and develop. (By Australian Childhood Foundation)


COVID-19 has turned the world of children and families upside down in a very short period of time.. We feel below resources would help parents & kids during this uncertain time. Content by Australian Childhood Foundation

A - Z Activities for


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A - Z Activities for

Primary Schoolers

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A- Z Activities for

High Schoolers

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Simple Social Story - Understanding

Coronavirus for Kids

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Fun Activity for Children & Young

Like a Tree

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Interesting Story - Gordon the

Uncertainty Giant

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We have gathered very helpful websites for Parents and Kids and strongly believe that, these will add value to your daily life and act as enabler for quality family time.
    • Ellas List

       A Sydney-specific selection of activities - both outside and inside the home - for your children and you.


    • Kiddipedia

      This online encyclopedia collates parenting advice from a range of different sources, including government, non-for-profit and commercial sites.


    • Parenting Ideas

      A collection of blogs, parenting guides, and online courses intended to help parents raise happy, resilient children.


    • Raising Children Network

      Supported by the Department of Social Services, the Raising Children Network offers free parenting advice in a variety of mediums, including videos and apps. It has information ranging from pregnancy topics through to raising your teenager, and adulthood.


    • Early Childhood Australia

      This early childhood advocacy organisation has a range of resources for parents of children aged up to eight years.


    • Essential Kids

      Essential Baby’s older sibling includes news and advice on puberty, discipline, health and wellbeing, and educational activities to do with older children.


    • Karitane

      Karitane has information for parents and carers of young children, including sections on sleep, feeding, and adjusting to parenthood.


    • The First Five Years

      The First Five Years covers early childhood, providing material on education and child development.


  • Parent Works

    This free online program is self-directed and is part of a research project conducted by the University of Sydney. It includes ways to manage challenging behavior and improve parenting skills