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Things To Do With Kids At Home

Sep 20, 2021

Things To Do With Kids At Home - AngelEze

The worldwide pandemic for the past two years has trapped everyone, including kids at home. Kids who should be playing outdoors actively are now stuck indoors. So, you need some fun indoor activities for kids to engage them mentally and physically, isn't it? 

Are you wondering what kids activity you can do indoors? There are several things you can do at home with your kids, including puzzle toys, make-believe games, and more. 

You needn't worry about what to do anymore. We've curated a list of things to do with kids at home for you. Read on and engage your kids in fun indoor activities. 

Indoor Activities for Kids at Home

Being stuck at home can be fun for kids. Start doing the activities below, and you can see your mischievous tyrant's rambunctious smile always. 

Reading Books Together

Reading can be fun for your kids. They can choose the book they want to read, and you can read together. You can make it interesting with voices, expressions, and play-acting. 

Suppose you are busy working; you can buy audiobooks and play them for your kids. They can listen to it with rapt attention and delve into the imaginary world. Fairy tales, Geronimo, short stories, and more are some great books you can try reading with your kids. 

Plus, you can procure free online audiobooks too. Purchase an online audiobook and get your child reading. 

Cooking or Baking 

Cooking and baking together can be a fun task for your kids. It also teaches them life skills. Your kid can help you stir the occasional cookie batter or cake batter. They can have fun using cookie cutters to create different shapes. They can stand on a stool and stir that gravy in the pot. 

If your kid is older, they can probably make one whole dish with an easy recipe under your supervision. Ensure they know safe cutting and cooking methods to avoid unwanted injuries. 

You can make a cooking and baking session with your kid a weekly tradition to make it fun for them.

Playing Board Games

Who doesn't like playing interesting board games? There are educational board games, funny board games, strategic board games, and more. You can find a board game for any age group and have fun. 

Battleship, Monopoly, Yahtzee, Labyrinth, Life, Scrabble, Candyland, Chess, Connect 4, Guess Who, Clue, Apple To Apple, Operation, and many more board games are available in the market for you and your kids to try out. 

You can learn the game together and play away as one of the fun indoor activities for kids.

Putting Together A Puzzle 

Puzzles are a visual treat and engage your kid for a longer time. You get amazing puzzles with several themes in the market. Your tiny tot can enjoy puzzles with large wooden pieces, and the slightly older kid might enjoy the 50 or 100 pieces puzzle. 

Get your kid to try to do puzzles with a timer and unleash their competitive spirit. 

Art And Craft 

Art and craft is possibly the most fun kids activity you can do. You can unleash your kid's creative side by asking them to do a best out of waste craftwork. Alternatively, you can ask them to try to colour within the lines if your kid is less than 5-years- old. 

You and your kid could indulge in an online art session wherein they deliver kits home. You won't have to worry about art supplies, and you can help your kid follow the instruction of a guide online to create a masterpiece. 

Indoor Picnics

You can create indoor picnics with your kids. Make a fort with blankets and cushions and sit on the floor with snacks, games, and some puzzle toys to get the fun going. An indoor picnic can enhance your kid's creativity as they'll try to imagine the outdoors inside. 


Engaging your kids indoors can be a challenge, especially if you work from home. However, some of these activities can be done together or with minimal supervision. Alternatively, you can also buy something from Angeleze to create fun indoor activities for kids.  

So, explore the best kids activity, emulate it at home, and make the tough times fun for you and your kid!