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7 Ways to Ace Up Story Time With Your Baby

Sep 10, 2021

7 Ways to Ace Up Story Time With Your Baby - AngelEze

Reading with your baby can be a stress buster. Plus, it can teach your baby new things and engage them. Further, your baby’s literacy skills will grow faster. So, you can have an amazing storytime with your baby. 

Are you wondering how to ace up storytime with your baby? Don’t worry; we’ve 7 amazing tips to ace storytime with your baby. Plus, you’ll know where to get amazing children’s educational toys too. 

Reading with your baby gives you a chance to delve into your childhood stories and relive the magic. So, read on to ace up storytime with your baby

7 Tips To Ace Up Story Time With Your Baby 

Lay on the floor

You can lay on the floor with your baby and read with them. This is especially helpful if your babies aren’t stable enough to sit and read with you yet. However, you need strong arms to hold the book and read while lying down. 

You can also roll over along with your baby and make storytime a physical activity too!

Sing the book

While not all books can be sung, you can try your best. You can sing out the story of characters in your favourite childhood stories. Babies enjoy hearing a sing-song voice, and they will hear you with rapt attention when you sing. 

As they grow older, they might repeat it and remember the story better because you sang it to them. You’ll be able to pique your baby’s interest more when you sing a story. What’s more, it’ll be a creative challenge for you too!

Point to Pictures

Babies are attracted to colourful pictures, brightness, and more. They associate pictures with words more than plain words. You’d be making storytime with your baby amazing by pointing out pictures. Plus, you’ll be teaching them how pictures can speak 1000 words. 

Moreover, your babies will learn to connect words and pictures and increase their knowledge levels. It will also teach them colours, lines, art, and more. 

Choose your Favourite books 

Storytime with your baby gives you the chance to rediscover the magic of your favourite childhood stories. It gives you an opportunity to introduce your baby to your favourites and re-read and re-imagine them. 

When you love some story, it shows in the way you read it, and the emotions come across. Your baby will identify with the emotion and probably make your favourite childhood stories their favourite too. 

Create a Reading Nook 

Engage your creativity to create a reading nook for you and your baby. A rocking chair, a fort of blankets, a tent, a bed surrounded with stuffed toys, or anything can be your reading nook. Having a designated spot inculcates discipline, plus it makes your baby’s storytime special. 

Moreover, it gives you a collection of fond memories when you have a reading nook. 

Allow your Baby to Turn the Pages

Sometimes, instead of merely reading the words out loud or acting it and turning the pages on your own, you should let your baby turn the pages. Your baby will understand that a page of words is completed and will develop the dexterity to turn pages too. Plus, your baby will be more involved in the storytime session when you do this. 

Choose a Regular Time

Your baby needs to inculcate a sense of routine and discipline. So, choose a time for reading and stick with it. You can read before bedtime or after lunch, or during snack time. You merely need to have fixed timing. 

Your baby will build excitement and anticipation when you have regular reading time. 


So, read with your baby and rediscover the magic of your favourite childhood stories. Moreover, you can find the best storybooks and children’s educational toys at Angeleze. They have amazing products for your babies to enjoy. Plus, their product gives you a chance to spend more time with your babies during their cutest years.

Storytime with your baby is one of the best times you can have with your kid. Enjoying it and relishing it will build your repertoire of fond memories with your baby that you can recount when they are older. 

So, follow the tips in this article and level up storytime with your baby.